A World that We Design

Hey there #ElLoves!

Its been a few weeks since I’ve written, but I took some time off for my Birthday and New Years to contemplate on the year that I’ve had. This year brought on a lot of changes, but those changes made me realize the path that I want to follow.

I have never been one to want to be stuck in an office cubicle day in and day out, even though my field provides many of those jobs… I have always had the dreams of designing and creating new things and all it took was leaving the life that I knew and starting over somewhere not so new, but new to the person that I am now.

There is always the hashtag of #ANewYearANewMe, and a lot of people make fun of that because of its a cliché; but all clichés have truth to them, otherwise, they would not be clichés. I want to start fresh this year and accomplish all my ideas, and hopefully one of them succeeds… lol

The comfort of a new year is that it allows everyone to just let the last year be in the past and have another chance at happiness. I can’t speak for any of you, but I love the new year and I do try to make every new year different and try to make fewer mistakes; however, I am not perfect and every year brings its struggles, but at the end of the year when I’m with my family…. nothing else matters other than we made it through the year healthy and together.

My New Year’s resolution:

  • Laugh More
  • Do good in school
  • Start drawing again more
  • Take more trips
  • Complete my goals
  • * Get abs (This one is on here every year)
  • Start Sewin

With every new year comes a more evolved and intelligent you, the new year can mark a new stepping stone in your life; so this year take it by storm and don’t let the hard days outnumber the good days.

What are your new year’s resolutions??

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New Friends, Open up…

Hey there #ELloves, 

Its been a few weeks since I’ve had a chance to update you on this fun adventure that I started about four months ago… There have been so many changes in my life, but everything has changed for the better. 

The moment you let go of everything that you were holding on to, you realize how easy it is to start again and meet new and interesting people. I have found people here that I would otherwise have never known and I appreciate every person I’ve met because they have taught me something new each time. 

We tend to hold on to old memories so that we don’t feel like our lives are changing, but the reality is our lives change every day and we have to adapt to new changes all the time. Letting change it allows us to grow up and that is exactly what scares us; maturity means being an adult and leaving behind a life that we’ve known for so long. 

When I left the U.S. to come to Spain I made myself a promise to start fresh and let everyone I meet see the person that I really am. I’ve been called inappropriate, too direct, unfiltered, and everything in the book, but that is who I am and showing people that is the only way for me to be comfortable around them. 

I was always told that you meet your best friends in college (you know the ones that you’re going to have for the rest of your life??) And I have to say that I don’t disagree…. I have been going to college for about three years now and I have made some of my closest friends between my high school graduation and going off to school. I have met some girls that are all about going and traveling around, which is my main interest right now. 

I guess what I’m trying to say in this blog post is that no matter where we are in life if we are happy we tend to stick to the routine because it’s easy and we know it, but we need to start letting go of the past. Every time I meet someone new I feel like I have to justify my past decisions, but not anymore #letitgochallege

Are there any of you guys that feel the same?? Like for some reason, everything is always brought back from your past??

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I cant Begin to Explain

Hey Guys! EL Here,

I was sitting in my room contemplating all the things that have changed in my life in just a matter of months, and I realized how different of a person I have really become.

Last year I was going to school in pursuit of a Nursing career, but I found out along the way that this particular major maybe wants for me. I love taking care of people and I worked at a nursing home so everyone just thought that it would be perfect for me. I really wanted to make everyone proud by becoming that nurse, but my heart called for something else. When I was younger I had always wanted to design clothes, I love the creativity that goes into the process, but I was always taught to follow my dreams as well as think about what my dreams could bring in my future, and nursing was more logical because I would always have a job.

Now since I moved to Spain I had to decide what did I really want to do with my life once and for all and figure out how to make it happen, I started looking at the benefits that a Business degree would bring to me, and I realized that I had been looking at business the wrong way my whole life. My whole family is in some form of business major and I thought I didn’t want to do that because I wanted to do something different with my life, but what I didn’t know at the time was how broad the word Business really is; I found myself looking at the business side of designing both clothes or makeup lines and it all came together so beautifully (LIKE A LIGHTBULB WENT OFF IN MY HEAD!!!!)

Your dreams can come true if you don’t stop looking for ways to achieve them. A lot of people give up at the first time of trouble…. I know cause I’ve done it, but I am telling you from personal experience that giving up and moving on to something else won’t work. If you had a dream it was there for a reason, it’s your purpose.

Life is a bucket of failures and a glass of success, learn from the failures and find the way to get the success that you want; when one door closes YOU open another one.

Finding my Place

Hey there guys! 

I have been doing a lot of souls searching since I left school last may; it been a long road to where I am today, but I am thankful that things turned out the way that they did otherwise I wouldn’t be at the place that I am today mentally.

It takes a lot these days to figure out what you want to do with the rest of your life and I thought for some reason that once I joined college I needed to figure it out. My time at school made me realize that it is the opposite and that it was okay that I didn’t know what I wanted to do, but somehow with the whole long summer to realize what I didn’t want I made the move here to try something different; after all, success is trial and error…

Spain has really opened my eyes to how small my world in the states was, its funny how when you’re in high school you think you know so many people, but really its the opposite. Being here showed me that I want to see so much more and life and that all these ” ridiculous” dreams I had were so stupid… I feel like now anything is possible.

I can’t really explain what this post is supposed to mean to all of you, but I guess I wanted to share my thoughts on how getting out of your comfort zone can be scary but it can also be invigorating and it can shape your life in ways that otherwise you would have never thought your life would turn out.

I now understand what my mom has been telling me all these years, I thought my life was over every time something didn’t the best way or how I wanted it to, but in the end, it forced me to make decisions that scared me but made me happier than I have ever been.

Keep being who you are, when opportunities come up really think of what could happen from that experience, you might just find what you are looking for, outside of your little world.

Two Gins Later…

Hey guys!! It’s EL here,

The nightlife here in Spain can vary on the types of friends you have and what you like to do, but I can tell you personally that its an amazing experience going out in Madrid. When I was living in the states one of the things my friends and I would always say was that the nights that we didn’t plan always turned out to be the most fun. Here in Madrid for me it’s the same saying, I have gone out at night as planned with my friends and it can be fun, but whenever we just go with the flow we always have a blast.

Downtown Madrid is what you would usually call a party night, because if you are going out here you are usually going to go to the clubs, but there is another side to Madrid that people forget… the House party, oh how I missed a good house party; in the states that’s what we always did, because living in the rural part of Illinois there really aren’t many options, but HOUSE parties are FUN.

I have had a hard time since I came to Spain because I really wanted to fit in immediately and I didn’t find myself having much success in doing, but little by little you find your little place in the world… And so did I.

The past couple weeks, in particular, have allowed me to blossom and be more myself with all the new people that have come into my life, and I can honestly say that everyone here is fun and interesting, and more importantly accepting of my weirdness.. last night was a really fun night at a friends house and it was probably one of the most fun night I have had.. Two gins later I was at my house in MY bed sleeping and dreaming of what will be next.

One piece of advice before I leave…. I don’t know how old or young you all are that are reading this, but it doesn’t really matter, life is really a rollercoaster, and as we all know the reason roller coasters are so fun is because they have the element of surprise… you cant plan a rollercoaster, just like you can try to plan life, but the surprises always win.

That’s all I have for you today… take this weekend and go with the flow… just see what happens to your night!! AND let me know if this advice helped you to enjoy your night a little more.

The Life of a Hopeful Business Woman

Hey there my #ElLoves!!

Today I decided that I would talk about something that has really started to get my blood going. The past two years I was attending an American university on the outskirts of Saint Louis, but just like everything in life sometimes things change whether they are for the better or for the worst.

I have been asked by a lot of people how I felt when I wasn’t succeeding in nursing, but the reality of my situation wasn’t that I wasn’t able to succeed it was that I wasn’t focused and involved enough to be able to actually succeed.  I worked at a nursing home from the beginning of college, and I have said an always will say that I learned more in my two years working there than in my two years of college, but that was also because I spent more time at work than I ever did in class. There are different definitions of success, mine, for example, is overcoming my failures and turning them into success.

In this generation, we put so much pressure on doing well that most of the time we do fail because of the stress, but we shouldn’t feel this way; we should instead take our failures and learn from them to be better next time.

My dream is to one day be able to start my own business, and in the market that we have today it is going to be hard and I am sure that I will fail a few times, but I hope that I have enough motivation to not let my failures define my future. I hope that I can learn from my mistakes to create a successful company.

We all need to learn to not pay so much attention to what could happen and pay more attention to what if you never try, we are always so focused on our fears that we miss out on opportunities that could completely shape our future. Think about what I am saying and let me know what your thoughts and dreams are!


Asturias.. Secret Paradise on Earth

Hello, my dear #ElLoves!! so sorry this post took so long to get posted on my wall, but I started University this week and things were a little hectic.

This last weekend my father and I were able to enjoy some quality time in the northern part of Spain, in a province called Asturias! It is probably, in my opinion, the most beautiful part of Spain; it is full of views of the mountains, the ocean, and lakes…. The first time I ever was able to see the ocean was actually in Asturias, so I was excited to go back to soak in the views.

There are a lot of things to enjoy in Asturias apart from the views, meaning the food; the food in Asturias is another level of delicious, but they do serve a lot more food on your plate than you would find in Madrid, which is not necessarily a bad thing… If you know what I mean.

Every time we have visited Asturias, we go to a small town called Caravia. In Caravia there is a small B&B that is owned by my Godfathers sister Rosa; we love this place, it has an amazing view of the mountains and the most amazing breakfast you will ever have. The service at the B&B which is called “LA FORQUITA” is amazing and it has a home-like feel to it.

My favorite part of the whole trip was being able to take a MILLION pictures…. literally. I have been to Caravia/Asturias a few times now, but I never really took the time to take a lot of pictures and take in the details of nature. Asturias isn’t really the type of place that you go to if you want to sit out on the beach and tan because its the colder part of Spain, but you can still go to the beach and enjoy the day. 

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There is one place in particular that if you are thinking of going there for a visit I strongly recommend; The name of the town is called Llanes, but the reason I recommend it is because it has an amazing restaurant called “El Mirador de Toro” which has amazing food and it has a terrace overlooking the mountains AND the ocean…. it is a must see if you visit.

I can’t explain how relaxing it was to get away from the city for a little while and enjoy quiet nights in the mountains.. plus it was nice for my dad and me to have the time alone! If you are planning to visit Spain anytime soon, I strongly suggest that you include a weekend in Asturias.

The day after….

Hey there my beautiful #ElLoves! 

This past Thursday night a few of my girlfriends and I decided that we would go out to a couple clubs that were having a themed night. When we got to the club we received some cute Dior samples and a cocktail! delicious might I add. 

When you go out here in Spain it is very different than going out in the states, we stay out till about five or six in the morning and it’s a lot, I mean a lot dressier! Going out is a full evening to night process between going out for some tapas and drinks to begin the night and going to the club around one in the morning, it gets really tiring and by the end of the night you are just ready to go lay down in bed and sleep until you just can’t anymore… 

The day after a night out is a day of rest and comfort, and the first thing that comes to mind once you wake up is FOOD!! My friend Paula and I woke up right around lunchtime here in Spain and we decided that we would just go down to one of the terraces outside my apartment; now I’ve been to a few of them, but there are so many that I couldn’t possibly have tried them all. 

Once we got down there we started checking out the daily menus to see what would get rid of the immense hangover that we brought on ourselves; Finally, after looking at a few places, we ran into a little Indian restaurant called “FATHE PUR”. The restaurant looked interesting and I had never eaten there so we took a shot and tried it. 

Daily menus here usually contain three courses, and when you are in the daze that we were in that sounded amazing. 

For our first course, we had a dish called “PAKORA” which was made of veggies that were fried in like a stir fry sauce. It was the most amazing thing I have tried in a very long time, it had so many mixtures of flavors that the moment I ate it I went on Pinterest to find the recipie!!  

For our second dish, we had Chicken masala with a side of thin rice and some Indu bread. It was amazing it was tender and the sauce went deliciously with the sauce covering the chicken; all the flavors blended together so well that Paula and I couldn’t stop saying “Mmmmm” the entire time we were eating there.  

We finally decided to go ahead and eat our desert, but this time we both got something different; I had a mango shake and Paula had what we call here “Arroz con Leche” which translated from Spanish to English basically is rice with milk (But it has cinnamon in it as well) My shake was exceptional and I think it is safe to say Paula enjoyed her dessert as well!! All in All, it was a great meal and perfect to cure a hangover… I gave it a 10/10, no if and or but…  

Well, #ElLoves that was the day after for me! comment below and tell me what you do on the day after… follow my Instagram so you know what days I will be posting new blogs!! 

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To Die for…

Hello, my #ElLovs!! it has been a very busy week for me, but very exciting. I wanted to share a blog with you guys today about my family and our little traditions! 

So every time I come home my Spanish side of the family is always very excited and welcoming to me, we always end up going on a  nice outing for Lunch during the weekend. Every year we go to one of three places; Portonovo, Teitu, or El Filandon! all very nice places to eat with interesting yet delicious meals, however, at a meal like this you always and I mean always start with some tapas… 

This year we went to Teitu and have a delicious Sunday Lunch full of laughs, advice, and catching up on what we have all been doing. I enjoyed a lovely dish called “Arroz de Boletus con Rabo de Toro” which translates to “Rice with Boletus (mushroom) served with Bull Tail” it was absolutely delicious… Now I know what many of you may be thinking, “Bull Tail?????” well to that, I say yes! The bull here in Spain is a delicacy and it is served in many different forms, but I love risotto and this is a similar dish just not as thick. 

I always end my meals with some green tea, because here in Spain the meals are long and big! a girl needs something to help her digest all that amazing food!! 

As the evening comes my dad always enjoys going for a night cap at a nice little cocktail bar called “Rosales 20” it is super cute and chic… He and I have very similar taste in alcohol (he would never admit to it though) so we both had a giant Rum and Coke!  (Havanna club Rum) in case you were wondering. 

The nights are long here in Spain and when you go out for dinner and a night cap I can almost guarantee you won’t be home until at least 2  a.m. but it is always very enjoyable… If you wanna see more of what the night life here in Madrid looks like, comment below and ill make sure to do a gnarly blog post about it! (All I gotta say is that it gets LITTY!!) 

Thank you guys for listening to me on a daily basis and I promise once the travels start there will be lots more pictures and LOTS more to talk about…. #STAYTUNED

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